TOUGH TOOLS is the authorized stockist for Julia brand saw blades based at Hosur near Bangalore.

JULIA UTENSILI S.P.A Italy is a reputed company in Europe making saw blades and serving the industry for over three decades. The manufacturing and surface coating techniques adopted by Julia offers best value for money. Julia is having a sizable presence in India supplying the blades to reputed customers both for on line and offline cutting.

To achieve the maximum performance of the hard coating, it is absolutely necessary the highest standard of the adhesive layer to guarantee by the substrate of the circular saw blade is prepared so that the adhesion effect optimal.

Our engineers shall need the inputs from you like grade of material to be cut, Blade fixing dimensions, Machine RPM etc so that they can recommend for each specific application the tool Which Provides the highest performance in terms of speed, feed rate and durability.


» HSS Saw Blades
» TCT Saw Blades
» Circular Knives


HSS saw blades are usually made from either M2 (DMo5) tool steel or M35 (EMo5Co5) tool steel, alloyed with additional cobalt.

Our blades are press quenched after hardening to prevent them from being warped.

The term high speed steel (HSS) doesn’t necessarily mean what it implies. These blades are usually run at speeds lower than 200 RPM.

HSS saw blades may be used for cutting many different shapes and types of metal including: tubes, extrusions, structural sections, billets, bars, ingots, castings, forgings etc.


» Resistance to corrosion
» Sturdy design
» Elevated durability
» Suitable for Cutting Steel, Metal and Alloys with High-Tensile Strength.
» Superior Pvd Coated
» Perfect for Semi-automatic and Automatic Machines



TCT AND HARD METAL COATED SAW BLADES are extensively used for cutting solid bars and high tensile tubes. The virgin raw materials used and the manufacturing techniques like tooth brazing and precise tooth profile grinding enables Julia to offer the optimum saw blade life to the end users.

The heat treating process is an integral part of Julia’s manufacturing. The furnaces used are the most modern you can find anywhere in the world. Constant monitoring of the metallurgy by our Engineers ensures correct hardness, abrasion resistance and austenitic grain structure.

We have a wide range of saw blades from dia 250mm to 580mm in varying thickness and bore. Our blades are designed to suit most of the popular machine brands available in India and overseas.



Circular Knives are used in wide variety of applications for their ability to slice through products. Many blades made for these applications require custom sizes and are made to request.

Our knives are precision ground and inspected for accuracy.


» Easy operation
» Low cost
» Durable.